Monday, June 9, 2014

I gained how much?!?!?

As I stared at the scale, I actually looked behind me to see if my purse was sitting on the scale...unfortunately, I left it with V.   Nope, those numbers were correct. I was tempted to ask if they calibrate their scales but I'm guessing I would have just gotten raised eyebrows.  Fast forward about twenty minutes when Dr. K came in and stated simply, "you've gained 23 lbs since you're last visit" (in all fairness, my last appointment was 15 weeks ago...I think I said something about not planning on gaining that much weight which was met with just a look.

Two and a half years ago, give or take a few months, I sat in that same office while they told me I hadn't gained ENOUGH weight and now here I was topping the charts for my lifelong weight by more than just a few pounds. 

I could blame today on a big baby but NOPE unfortunately our little peanut is exactly that..a little peanut. 

I really and truly had gained that much.  At first, I couldn't figure it out but let's think back on my day and try not to judge...I started the day well...a greek yogurt with cut up bananas and granola, some cut up watermelon and then the day went DOWNHILL...I got hungry so I had an Orange Crush soda, a small bag of potato chips that sucked, chicken salad sandwich on a bun that did NOT suck, a bunch of pretzels from coworker, and that was all before that's where the weight came from....**head...desk**(if I could do it without my boobs getting in the way.)

V tells me I'm still sexy and I believe him.... I'm lucky to have this man.

Obviously, I'm 34 weeks so dieting is out of the question right's damage control at this point, enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, and concentrate on having a happy healthy little girl. 

Okay and maybe cut out the soda and the potato chips as a morning snack!

Positivity thought for the day:  "Well, you can't never let anything happen to him, because then nothing would happen to him. "  One of the hardest but important lessons to remember as a parent. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

And Happy 17 weeks! 

Okay, first 17 weeks because technically that came first..well, actually I need to back  up even further.  So, I wrote recently that my heart failure was doing even worse so I was sent by Dr. K to see Dr. A about it.  I LOVE THOSE TWO DOCTORS!  So, after a lengthy appointment with Dr. A and a repeat echo, it turns out that my lower reading was a false reading and that actually my ejection fraction hasn't changed..WOOHOO!  No more follow up with Dr. A unless something goes wrong..whew!!!  His office is 2 hours away. Dr. K did a follow up call with me on Thursday and said he's very reassured and no changes needed!  YAY! 

Then came 17 weeks!!! 

Baby's the size of an onion!  Wonder if we're talking those big honkers from the grocery store or the little Vidalia ones I always seem to get..hmm..

How far along?  17 weeks 4 days

Weight gain?  Down 2lbs from the start

Stretch Marks:  still too early

Belly Button: still an innie!

How I'm feeling?  Great, I get a little tired here and there and I'm not sure if it's pregnancy, heart, or both but trying to get in rests when I can but otherwise feeling great! 

Cravings?  Clean food...I can't really handle highly processed food or complicated food.  The simpler the meal, the happier me and baby both are!

What I miss?   A good spicy Bloody mary and a great glass of wine! 

What I'm looking forward to?  Feeling those kicks, I thought I felt it but nothing consistent yet and to show a little more! 

HOw's #1 handling it all?  Still blissfully unaware of the huge change coming his way but he's working on potty training so he has his own dramas going on! 

How's hubby handling it?  Like a champ,  always willing to make a late night trip anywhere if I'm hungry..I really very lucky! 

And Happy Valentines' Day.  Hubby and I have been together for 10 years, we've been through ALOT.  And we're actually more in love now than we ever have been. 

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Organizing for baby

We are officially in countdown to baby #2!  We have less than 5 months realistically.  I'm going to be honest and realistic with myself that baby # 2 will probably make an early exit/arrival and I want to be done way before that so let's shoot for finishing everything up for early June..OH MY GOSH, I NEED TO START GETTING STUFF DONE, IT'S ALREADY THE END OF JANUARY.  HAHA, I had this lovely pipedream when I was pregnant the first time that maternity leave would be spent pampering my husband with meals when he got home from work and a clean house...haha, we did alot of take out and the house hadn't changed in 9 hours.  I'm more realistic this time. 

I am disorganized...there I said it.  And it's not that I've just accepted this..I've tried, I've bought stuff to help but in the end, I am disorganized.  If you ask me where anything in my house, I could narrow it down to about 15 places but sorry, it doesn't get better than that.  This drives anyone who comes to my house including me and my husband who live there up a wall with irritation! I could tell you that I have diced tomatoes...I couldn't tell you which shelf they're on!  Okay, I could tell which of two shelves it's on. 

I want to fix this.  I'd like to get most of the rooms organized.  We are about to lose a room soon!  Our current nursery tenant will be moving to his big boy room (tack that onto the to do list!! ) and then the new tenant will be going into the nursery.  We have SO much room in our house for storage and everything and we take advantage of NONE of it!  Well, if you count shoving stuff into our countless closets and nooks, then we kick butt, but I don't count that and it irritates me constantly...

Can't Alejandra or Amanda please come and offer me an entire house redo??  I promise I'll try to stick with it.....If you don't know who either of those ladies are..check out Alejandra's channel on youtube...she inspires instant inspiration and hatred for your current state at the same time, haha!  and Amanda is of the Amandas down south, she used to have a show on E but I don't think she does anymore. 

So, what room should I start with??  Hmmm...something to think about...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

14 Weeks!

Yay!  We're 14 weeks!  I found out at 3 weeks so I feel like I've been pregnant forever already and LOVING every second of it..especially now that my days are not spent studying the insides of my toilet and realizing that we never clean it enough! 

14 weeks! We're a peach or a lemon...I guess I was a peach last week and a lemon this week...are lemons bigger than peaches??!?!?!?  3.4 inches crown to rump!

How far along?  14 Weeks 3 days!

Weight gain?  Down about 4 lbs from start. 

Stretch Marks?  Nope, we're bit far off from that point..hopefully!

Belly Button?  Still in, but it never popped for Babe 1 so I think we're a bit off from that too!

How am I feeling?  Good and HUNGRY!  Finally eating normal again and if it ain't nailed down, it's fair game!

Cravings?  Nothing in particular but when I'm hungry for something, I need it..yesterday it was sushi, today it's blueberry pancakes, Thanks to take out, they're on their way!

What I miss?  Nothing really yet..well maybe sleeping on my stomach...

What I'm looking forward to?  Feeling the first kicks!  I can't wait, that was my favorite part before! 

How's #1 handling it?  I don't think he really understands it yet, he knows he has to be careful around me but that's really all the further this is impacting his life! 

How's Hubby handling it?  Like a champ!  The poor guy never knows what he's getting for dinner, and never knows what mood he's coming home to and he's dealing like a champ.  This week was a little hard on both of us because of the medical news but I think he's dealing okay.  We had discussed before that this would be our last baby BUT being told by your doctor that this needs to be was kinda sad....but if it means I can do my best to be healthy for my two babes that it's worth it!  I know very well how lucky I am to have one healthy son and one healthy babe on the way!  But he's been sooo wonderful!! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

High Risk Momma!

And I'm scared.
I'm 34 years old with a heart condition known as congestive heart failure and left bundle branch block.  The left bundle branch block doesn't really bother me in my day to day living except when you look at my heart on an echo(sonogram), the entire left wall doesn't move.  The congestive heart failure, on the other hand, is starting to.
I was diagnosed when I was 25 and just started dating my husband.  I spent our first Christmas dating recovering from a heart catheterization ( a common procedures among heart patients).  I have been extremely lucky though, I haven't had any problems with it, dont' really notice it too much except I get winded really fast and it's been stable for nine years.  I had one healthy baby who was born premature due to kinking his umbilical cord but now I'm pregnant again.  14 weeks today!!!  And now, it's getting worse. 

My cardiac output has gone from 40-45% to 30-35%.  Luckily, I have the MOST AMAZING doctor (Dr. B)who keeps an extremely close eye on me, I have an equally amazing OB (Mrs. B) who happens to be my family doctor's wife, I have an awesome perinatologist (Dr. K) who watches me closely, and I have a cardiologist (Dr. A) who follows me too so I am in wonderful hands but I'm still scared.

I work in healthcare, I know heart failure.  I know that a lot of my patients with it are a hair older with grown children.  I'm facing this with a two year old and one that's just today the size of a lemon or a lime..or an onion depending on what you're looking at. 

Today, I have another appointment with Dr. B who informed me of my latest results.  So, it's lower sodium for me and just keeping a watchful eye.  I LOVE salt...but I love life more so I guess my choice has already been made.  I've been instructed to try to be as active as I can.  If you're familiar with weather in Pennsylvania, that's not an easy task at the moment.   I was instructed to watch my weight gain, making sure I'm not putting on unnecessary weight.  But otherwise, enjoy pregnancy! 

You know, in case, pregnancy isn't stressful enough....:-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Follow Directions

HAve you ever wondered what would you happen if you didn't follow a direction when cooking?  I have unfortunately learned the hard way many times to know to follow the directions.  H
Rewind to last week when I was making Jello Pretzel dessert for a very dear friend of ours.  I woke up extra early to make it because Jello Pretzel dessert can be thrown together before work, right?  Um, yeah, no, this takes a little longer to take mainly because you're sitting around waiting.  I love this recipe, but make sure you follow her directions.  She's even nice enough to explain why but I thought I could rush it a little.  So, I'm sharing my mistake with you so that you don't make this same mistake and ruin this fabulous dessert.  When she says to wait until the jello sets so that it won't run into your pretzels and make them soggy and well, gross, she's serious.  I didn't wait.  I'm currently eating soggy jello pretzel dessert and my friend got a bottle of gin.  He still didn't make out too bad.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Puttanesca Sauce

V and I are huge kalamata olive lovers.  Noodle also shares this love. I saw this recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks, Rao's Neighborhood, for Puttanesca sauce.  It has olives, capers, tomatoes, anchovies, and garlic!  As it turns out, while this dish is extremely's not so tasty.  I followed the recipe to a T..but it was just not for us.  The anchovy taste was too overpowering for us.

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